An Ensemble of Consulting, Coaching, and Conflict Resolution Services Resulting in High Performing Teams

Workplace Symphonies provides effective coaching, team building and conflict resolution services to help small, mid-sized, and large organizations achieve optimal productivity. We work with individuals and departments to help them mitigate risk and create strong teams that embrace harmonious cooperation. You will be impressed with how much your organization can accomplish when everyone is in sync.

“Imagine if everyone in your business worked like a member of a world-class orchestra: every note perfectly timed in synchronized harmony.”

Individual Coaching & Team Development

Workplace Symphonies provides the coaching, team building guidance, tools, and techniques necessary to improve overall employee engagement and performance, ensuring both personal and professional success.

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Employee Relations & Conflict Resolution

To build a multi-disciplined team, you need to promote constructive communication, even among employees who don’t get along. We use proven resolution strategies to help you put conflict to rest and get you back on track with your business.

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Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Workplace Symphonies helps you work together in harmony toward a mutually beneficial resolution to conflicts. Through effective communication, you can solve problems and create a much more productive workplace.

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HR Administration Support

We help you establish, review, and refine a functional and compliant human resources infrastructure that increases efficiency and mitigates organizational risk.

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