Career Coaching

Navigating your career can be a life-long journey with many peaks and valleys. It is often complex, confusing, and scary. Workplace Symphonies provides career advice, guidance, and support to help you develop and refine your skills and confidence.

A coach is a person who invests in and interacts with an individual, partnership or team for the primary purpose of stimulating, motivating and facilitating growth and development of that individual, partnership or team. ”    - Gallup

If you’re in the midst of a career transition or considering one, Workplace Symphonies offers you the career coaching you need while you navigate your career. This can include a job transition, enhancement of your current work environment, a career makeover, or complete career change. Whether it's identifying realistic career options, developing a career transition plan, writing your resume, networking, or preparing for interviews, Workplace Symphonies helps you research and review career options, evaluate your skills for optimal career alignment, and develop long- and short-term goals that will support your career transition. We can also create, review, and enhance your resume and prepare you to confidently interview for that dream job.

Are you ready for, or in the midst of, a career related transition? 

As your coach, I am here to support and guide you as you navigate your career, which may include a job transition, enhancing your work environment, a career make-over, or a complete career change.   

Do you need guidance or assistance… 

  • Identifying realistic career options 
  • Developing a strategic career transition plan
  • Finding your next job  
  • Writing your resume 
  • Networking 
  • Optimizing LinkedIn 
  • Preparing for interviews 

I can help you… 

  • Research and review career options and determine what will work best for you
  • Review and evaluate your skills and abilities, interests, and values to assist you with optimal career alignment 
  • Develop long- and short-term goals that will support your transition 
  • Create, review, and enhance your resume 
  • Guide you through appropriate and innovative networking options and ideas 
  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile and take full advantage of its features 
  • Prepare you to confidently interview 

Additional services include: 

  • Performance management evaluation and guidance 
  • Workplace conflict resolution  
  • A broad spectrum of individual and team development assistance