Employee Relations & Conflict Resolution

Workplace Symphonies assists clients in the conflict resolution decision-making process, moving you toward harmonious outcomes. The conflict resolution process involves exploring workplace issues and synthesizing participants’ relationships through joint problem solving.

"The Strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."       -Phil Jackson

Conflict Resolution Guidance and Coaching

Workplace Symphonies offers collaborative and productive approaches to conflict resolution. Similar to our mediation services, our dispute resolution coaching helps you resolve conflicts through a respectful facilitative process that makes an impact and encourages self-empowerment. We offer conflict resolution courses designed to help directors, managers, supervisors, and employees develop and improve responses to workplace conflict.

Employee Relations

Workplace Symphonies understands the legal and emotional complexities of employee relations. We help you assess risk and determine a prudent course of action. We can help you establish guidelines for productive employee relations management that minimize cost and maximize resolution. Workplace Symphonies can foster a mutual understanding between employer and employee, enabling harmonious outcomes for continued success.

Employee Complaint Investigations

Responding effectively, appropriately, and promptly to employee complaints is vital to the emotional and legal well being of your company and employees. Workplace Symphonies provides independent, neutral investigation services in response to an array of employee complaints such as workplace violence, policy and ethics violations, sexual harassment complaints, and discrimination and retaliation complaints.

Workplace Symphonies offers training to managers, supervisors, and human resource personnel on appropriate methods for investigating and responding to employee complaints. We also train management teams on effectively responding to formal employee complaints filed with local, state, and federal agencies such as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Department of Labor. We understand the legal complexities of employee complaints and can provide guidance on the applicable laws and regulations.