Human Resource Support

Workplace Symphonies helps clients build a functional human resource infrastructure by offering a proactive approach to HR administration that promotes a melodic work environment.

“Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”        — Henry Ford

Workplace Symphonies understands the complexities and multi-dimensional nature of human resource management, including compliance and risk mitigation. We have the experience and expertise to help small and large companies develop critical HR policies and procedures, including handbooks, HR and employee file auditing, employee onboarding procedures, and termination protocols. We also offer start-up and administrative assistance, payroll service selection and setup, medical and retirement plan selection and setup, and HR system selection and implementation.

[Workplace Symphonies can also train and certify your HR staff on mandated training, such as sexual harassment training, and how to comply with state and federal medical leave requirements.]

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