Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Conflict in the workplace is a common occurrence that disrupts business efficiency, causing loss of profits and productivity. Workplace Symphonies uses innovative and effective dispute resolution strategies to get your team back in sync. 

Without proper resolution, lingering disagreements can cause serious, long-term harm to your organization. Regina Schnell is a certified mediator and experienced conflict resolution specialist with extensive understanding of employers’ legal concerns. If an employee or business partner keeps striking the wrong chord with you, contact Workplace Symphonies today to get back in tune. 

Benefits of Meditation 

Meditation is quickly becoming the go-to method to resolve conflicts and disputes. Even with its rising popularity, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the mediation process. Mediation is a confidential meeting in which you and the other party discuss your disagreement in detail and work together toward a mutually agreeable solution. Through effective communication, you can solve problems and create a much more productive workplace. 

Benefits of mediation include: 

  • Dramatically reduced cost compared to litigation
  • Control over the solutions and terms
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Opportunity to embrace individual differences 

 Employee Mediation 

To build a multi-disciplined team, we need to learn how to promote constructive communication, even between employees that don’t get along. Workplace Symphonies does just that. We help employees focus on solutions with proven resolution strategies that put conflict to rest and get you back on track with your business.  

We can help with employees who have a current or previous romantic relationship.

Interoffice romances, family partnership, and many other workplace relationships exist. Unfortunately, they don’t always end on a good note. Regina has extensive experience in resolving lingering resentment or anger left over from a personal relationship. With employee mediation, we can help employees receive personal closure and rebuild a professional relationship with each other. 

We can assist with risk mitigation strategies.

As a human resources expert, Regina knows what legal pitfalls to avoid and what route employers should take when conflicts arise. Don’t risk being thrown into costly litigation. Instead, call Workplace Symphonies for help in navigating potential legal issues.